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APS Pipes supplies, free of charge, a series of programs for the hydraulic and structural calculation, available online, with downloadable software, which once again reinforces the reliable support that the company offers to his clients.

APS Pipes also makes available technical documentations, enabling its clients to take correct and well-informed decisions. In addition to that, all manufacturers that we represent offer technical literature and consultancy.

In terms of execution, APS Pipes provides on-site technical consultancy services offered by the company’s technicians and engineers, and, in special cases, it also assists the clients with specialists sent by the manufacturer.

When dealing with more complex projects, APS Pipes offers training courses for the client’s personnel, at his premises or site.

APS Pipes offers a 12-month guarantee for its own products, while the other products benefit from the producer’s guarantee.

Assembly and/or repair assistance services on site are also made available by APS Pipes, our company providing complete post-guarantee services, of continuous assistance of the client throughout the entire duration of the work.

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