When Subor began designing pipes, the only existing alternatives were the ones made of concrete, asbestos, sandstone, steel, cast iron or ductile iron. Neither of these materials came close to our expectations in terms of mechanical and physical properties.

This led to the design of a new system of pipes using glass fibers and creating a sandwich structure. It was this that we managed to obtain lighter pipes, much more resistant to corrosion – which also meant longer pipes! We invented the continuous filament winding process, which enabled us to manufacture pressure tolerant, both in the inside and at the outside. We developed fiber glass materials and polyester resins, but, more importantly, we created the Subor brand.

Our invention allowed us to create a wide range of diameters, from the very small ones to extremely large ones. We only used non- corroding materials making GRP pipes corrosion resistant both in the inside and at the outside. From the very beginning, in 1967, our pipes rapidly gain market share. In Europe, America, the Far and Middle East, Latin America and Australia, more than 6 million meters of pipeline have been manufactured and sold to date.

We continuously seek ways to make Subor GRP pipes even better. Higher pressure. Increased angular deflection. Faster installation methods. Available technical literature. Better handling tools. Pipeline installations are not what they used to be 60 years ago. We have taken up this challenge. That is why we are the First Choice of Engineers.

We believe that pipelines built with Subor GRP pipes will change and improve the world. These pipelines will last longer, have little or no need for maintenance, sustain seismic activity, and meet the world’s needs for safe and leak-free fluid transportation.

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