Gravity sewer systems

Gravity sewer systems


Among the most successful installations of GRP pipes are the sewer applications, where the sulphuric acid generated in the sewer collectors is often the corroding agent of many traditional pipe materials. In many countries, pipe engineers have become aware of this fact and will not apply any other material than GRP for this application. More information about GRP pipes for gravity pipe systems can be found here.

The available standard diameters range from DN 100 to DN 3000 in pressure class up to 32 bars and different ring stiffness classes. For water protection areas, double wall pipes are also available on request. GRP pipe systems have been tested and approved for sewer applications, meeting the most demanding criteria of many of the world’s leading authorities and testing institutes, including:

  • Kitemark – UK
  • Kiwa – Komo product certificate K22463/03 – The Netherlands
  • AENOR Asociación española de normalización y certificación – Spain
  • Centralny Osrodek Badawczo - Rozwojowy Techniki Instalacyjnej AT/2002-02-1285-03 – Poland
  • COBRTI INSTAL – Poland
  • Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) Z-42.1-317 – Germany
  • BCCA Belgian Construction Certification Association BENOR BB 652-665 – Belgium
  • ON Österreichisches Normungsinstitut ON-N 2005 085 - Austria
  • GH Certifikat sukladnosti br. 23-070/06 – Croatia
  • Institut pro Testování a certtifikaci, A.S.01 0187 V/AO/a – Czech Republic
  • Igmat Certifikat kontrole proizvodnje VOL2P-CPD-0067 – Slovenia
  • Certif – Portugal

The GRP pipes offered by our company are both circular and non-circular, and, as such, we can provide a wide range of ovoid profiles for sewer collectors in areas where the space allotted to the network is limited as well as for the cases in which the maximum cleaning speed cannot be ensured during dry seasons and in a circular section.


To limit the strain from torrential rainfall on both the combined-water sewer and sewage treatment plants, storm water overflows are used that discharge excess storm water into a drainage capacity, i.e. a neighboring water course. GRP sewer pipes are also used to design

  • Storm water overflow systems (SWO)
  • Collection basins (CB)
  • Sedimentation basins with overflow (SBO)
  • Storm water retention basins (SWRB)

Storm water overflow systems are available up to 4000 mm and in variable levels of stiffness; more information on storm water tanks systems is available in the "Download center" section.


Due to its well-proven qualities and especially for the possibility of taking over, through retrained joints, the axial loads, the ductile iron pipes remain the first choice of engineers for the discharge lines in the treatment plants. Manufactured in compliance with the most recent standard SR EN 598, the ductile iron pipes in our offer are quality certified and tested by renowned European bodies.


Manufactured in compliance with SR EN 1917, through modern technology, the prefabricated concrete manholes remain a reliable traditional solution. We offer our clients the possibility of horizontal configuration (angles between entries and exits) and vertical configurations - dissipater manholes. Complete solutions for leveling and collection of surface waters are at your disposal.


Manufactured by our partners, using German state-of-the-art technology, we offer you a complete range of pipes and accessories for sewer systems, produced in compliance with SR EN 295. You can opt for complete systems, including sandstone pipes and accessories as well as for the prefabricated concrete manholes with integrated transition pieces.


We take pride in our impressing reference works performed according to the standard SR EN 12889, both with reinforced concrete pipes, with sizes of up to DN 3200 in compliance with SR EN 1916, as well as polymer concrete pipes, whose resistance is higher than that of the reinforced concrete and with an exceptional resistance to corrosion, as per SR EN 14636.


We provide rehabilitation solutions with GRP pipes relining, thus improving the flow through the collector. In spite of the fact that the collector’s section is smaller, the low friction of the GRP pipes ensures the enhancement of the hydraulic parameters that exceed the initial ones. Particular sections are available with polymer concrete pipes manufactured through the segments’ technology. You can thus obtain not only an excellent flowing surface, but also a better structural strength of the rehabilitated collector.

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