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Potable and raw water

Potable and raw water


The water leaves the treatment plant through a special potable water line. APS Pipes provides a generous selection of materials in a wide range of pipe diameters for various pressure classes. The very smooth inner surfaces of the GRP pipes, with an extremely low roughness, minimize the load losses, ensure optimum flow rates and thus help you save energy costs in the pumping systems. The ductile iron pipes with restrained jointing systems shall contribute to the elimination of the thrust blocks. These performances are now available for the GRP laminate pipes or with restrained couplings. A wide array of standard and tailor-made accessories, including tees, flanges and embows completes the range of products.


After collection or extraction, the spring water and underground water is fed through the potable water supply network and generally stored in an initial tank. With variable sizes, the tanks executed by APS Pipes are available in a variety of customized models. This means that each turnkey storage tank is tailor-made and supplied on site with all the special pieces pre-assembled (for instance the inspection manholes, the gate chamber).


Due to its well-proven qualities and especially for the possibility of taking over, through retrained joints, the axial loads, the ductile iron pipes remain the first choice of engineers for the discharge paths in the treatment plants. Manufactured in compliance with the most recent standard SR EN 598, the ductile iron pipes in our offer are quality certified and tested by renowned European bodies.

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